How to ‘future proof’ your career: The top 10 growth jobs over the next five years

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How to ‘future proof’ your career: The top 10 growth jobs over the next five years

By 2023, two-thirds of new jobs will be in four sectors according to data from the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

The industries set to experience job growth are largely driven by demographic changes rather than just technological advances, McCrindle’s research reveals.

Factors that will influence the type of jobs available in the future include Australia’s ageing population, increased demand for housing and infrastructure as a result of population growth, and the growing number of school-aged children and tertiary-aged adults.

The top four industries projected to make up 66.4 per cent of total employment growth over the next 5 years (and the percentage increase in jobs they will experience) are:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (14.9 per cent)
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (10.2 per cent)
  • Construction (10 per cent)
  • Education and Training (11.2 per cent)“When we think about jobs of the future, we tend to think about drone pilots and app developers, but its nurses, teachers and construction workers,” social analyst Mark McCrindle said.

    The top 10 occupations with the largest projected employment growth rates over the next five years are:

    1. Carers and Aides (23.6 per cent)
    2. Sports and Personal Service Workers (16.7 per cent)
    3. Health Professionals (16.3 per cent)
    4. ICT Professionals (16 per cent)
    5. Food Trades Workers (14.2 per cent)
    6. Hospitality Workers (13.8 per cent)
    7. Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals (13 per cent)
    8. Health and Welfare Support Workers (12.7 per cent)
    9. Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers (11.6 per cent)
    10. Specialist Managers (10.6 per cent)

      Industries on the decline

      While jobs that involve interacting with people are on the rise, industries disrupted by online shopping, or that rely heavily on machines, are tipped to see minimal growth or declines in the number of people employed in them.

      The top four sectors expected to shed jobs, or see their rate of employment decline, over the next five years are:

      • Wholesale Trade (- 2.7 per cent)
      • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (- 0.4 per cent)
      • Manufacturing (0.9 per cent)
      • Mining (2.4 per cent)

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