Jobs of the future: are you ready to join in?

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Jobs of the future: are you ready to join in?

We are in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution. The first saw the world move from rural societies to industrial urban centres; the second introduced mass production; and the third brought the digital revolution. The fourth is changing how we integrate technology into our lives, thanks to advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology and robotics. But what will this mean for humans as workers?

There are a wide variety of tech careers available for people to pursue after further study, he continues, but certain areas will be in greater demand – particularly data science analytics and cybersecurity, both of which are offered at master’s level at universities across the country. A recent report from jobs site Indeed named data scientists and cybersecurity experts among the most “future-proof” careers.

AI, too, is a huge growth industry: a report from jobs site Indeed found that employer demand for AI-related roles has more than doubled in the US in the past three years, while the number of jobseekers looking for those roles has remained roughly the same. In 2017, the UK government recommended creating an industry-funded AI master’s programme.

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