Europeans confident about their future jobs… but not their education

  • 12 months ago
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Europeans confident about their future jobs… but not their education

Education systems, in particular life-long learning programmes to provide upskilling and retraining for workers, are seen as a basic tool to bolster workers’ employability and resilience against more unstable career path.

However, all the groups interviewed for the survey were very critical when they judged how their countries’ education systems prepare young people for the job market.

The impact of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, new mobile communications (5G) and other technologies is transforming how we live and work. But the so-call fourth industrial revolution also risks leaving many people without jobs.

However, recruiters and the education community are more critical about the level of preparedness among current workers (35% of recruiters and 42% of education stakeholders think these people are well prepared).

A majority of young Europeans (77%) feel well prepared for the labour market of the digital era, but they are also very critical about how their national education systems prepare them, a survey published on Thursday (21 February) revealed.

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