The Value of Apprenticeships in 2019

  • 3 years ago
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The Value of Apprenticeships in 2019

We are familiar with this rhythm of life. Finish school, get a degree, work until you’re 65, then retire. This is the package that society promotes us to take. It supports the government and gives you a relatively balanced life with a stable income and enough money to get by.

In the past this was arguably the best and only option for most people to create a living. It worked well back in the day when people relied on corporations and factories for an income. Today however, you can create an income in many different ways and there is no set “path” to take given the amount of change and competition in present times.

This change requires new ideas and ways of thinking. This is where things like entrepreneurship and apprenticeships come in. These offer alternatives to the ever more expensive degrees that we all know are limited in what they offer. These alternative paths are becoming more and more feasible and valuable in our modern times. Today I’m going to focus on apprenticeships since I am doing one myself, but further resources on entrepreneurship can be found on the Successful Dropout website.

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