A Shift In Workplace Demographics: How Organisations Need To Adapt For The Aging Workforce

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The operating assumption is that older people are:
● Unwilling to learn,
● Unable to evolve, &
● Are less effective performers than the young people.

The evidence is simply not there to back up those claims. They are ageist expectations that come from a fear of aging, a fear of death, a fear of physical change and a lack of recognition of the complementary skills of young people and old people

As Paul mentions, organizations can benefit from hiring people over 50, because they bring important things to the table including balance, judgement, wisdom, and experience

What You Will Learn In This Episode: 
●What the Milken Institute does
●The impact of the aging workforce
●Examples of companies such as Airbnb, BMW, and Michelin who are bringing in older employees who can share their wisdom, experience and training
●What will happen to organizations not paying attention to this trend
●Paul’s advice for older workers
●How to create policies for older workers

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